Shipping to Alaska and from Alaska - Alaska Shipping Services

Shipping to Alaska and from Alaska - Alaska Shipping Services

澳博体育app下载's long history as a leader in Pacific shipping underpins a half-century of dedicated service to Alaska by Alaskans.  Building on a commitment to serve the needs of the Last Frontier since 1964, following the Good Friday Earthquake, our sole focus is on providing dependable arrivals and departures that customers can count on. We specialize in carrying the wide range of commodities needed to support economies that rely on ocean transportation to continually replenish their inventories and supplies.

Our Alaska services are supported by experienced operations professionals in all specialties, including transporting fragile and refrigerated items. We offer:

  • Twice weekly, consistent day-of-the-week service between Tacoma, Anchorage and Kodiak
  • Weekly service between Tacoma and Dutch Harbor
  • Truck, rail and barge service connections throughout Central Alaska, Kodiak and the Aleutian Chain, as well as the Lower 48
  • Full range of equipment, including dry and refrigerated containers, open top containers, car carriers, flat racks, and insulated containers
  • Our ReeferPlus® service ensures a commitment to cold chain integrity, processes, and solutions with state of the art refrigerated equipment
  • Efficient terminal operations dedicated to Alaska
  • Technology that offers total in-transit cargo visibility online
  • Expertise in supporting Alaska’s seafood industry
  • Direct service to Asia with Alaska – Asia Express (AAX) – regular westbound service from Dutch Harbor to Ningbo and Shanghai, China, and to many other destinations in Asia with transshipment in Shanghai via 澳博体育app下载’s partner network

All of these features are strengthened by our award-winning customer service team who make your shipping experience simple and efficient. For more information, please call 1-877-678-SHIP.

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